Flora Obal´s Profile

Mgr. Marian Pastorek - FLÓRA OBAL Company owned by Mgr. Marian Pastorek has been leading the market more than 21 years. When the company was launched in 1991, its main action was focused mainly on manufacture and sale of gift wrappings. Nowadays, the company owns one of the latest manufacturing technologies for producing high quality gift wrappings made in typical or atypical sizes based on customers´ needs and demands.

FLÓRA OBAL exclusively deals with processing of recyclable materials and has business contracts for waste disposal, too.

The effort of being better and progressive has motivated us to spread the range of our products. We offer decorative ribbons, mourning theme ribbons, hundreds of arrangement material, decorative items, ceramic and porcelain products, which can be used for binding bouquets, ceremonies placed inside or outside, or for everyday pleasure.

These days we are excelling in production and dispatching of paper gift bags. The sale of our high quality brand paper napkins, candles and accessories is also very popular among our customers. For sale support of FLÓRA OBAL´s products, we provide stands of various types free of charge for our suppliers who sell our gift bags, paper gift rolls or napkin and candle sets.

Our sales representatives, who regularly visit all our business partners, care for customers´ satisfaction by supplying and changing seasonal goods. We look forward to meeting you in our sample shop in company´s HQ: Piesková 950 in Hurbanovo - Bohatá, each workday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m CET.

Our main effort is to meet the demands of our customers and satisfy them, therefore we thoroughly choose and update our products. The company´s structure enables high flexibility and fast reaction to suggestions of our clients.

Implementation of the project "Energy efficiency FLÓRA OBAL", in period 09.06. 2010 do 30.11.2011, was carried out with the support of the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Economic Growth.